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Eligible for Family Library Eligible if bought after 2/7/2016
Updated on 23-Dec-2020
Downloads 500,000+ downloads
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Content rating Everyone
Offered by Greenheart Games
Download size 53 MB
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Seller Greenheart Games Pty. Ltd
Compatibility Requires iOS 9.1 or later
Languages English, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
Category Games
iPad Requires iPadOS 9.1 or later
Age Rating 4+
iPod touch Requires iOS 9.1 or later
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Game Dev Tycoon is a fun business simulation game in which your success depends on your creativity and willingness to try new things. There are no in-app purchases or ads in the game. Take on the role of a game developer:

  • Start your own company.
  • Make your own games.
  • Work your way to the top to become a Game Dev Tycoon.


  • Become a worldwide sensation
  • Create a game development company in the 1980s
  • Create a team of world-class developers
  • Game design and creation
  • Discover new insights through game reports
  • Lead the market
  • Develop custom game engines
  • Learn about new technologies
  • Expand the office
  • Explore secret labs
  • Achieve your goals

Game Dev Tycoon App Store Rating

Game Dev Tycoon app store rating

Game Dev Tycoon Play Store Rating

Game Dev Tycoon play store rating

Game Dev Tycoon Guide

You can check the “To Dos” and “Don’t Dos” for Game Dev Tycoon. If you follow the advice in this Game Dev Tycoon Guide, you should have a seamless time playing Game Dev Tycoon. Check out complete Game Dev Tycoon Guide.

Observation: This Game Dev Tycoon Guide is compatible with all platforms. There are other versions for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Game Dev Tycoon Best Combos

Like many other games, games are made more accessible within the game. It’s all about choosing various genres and topics when creating your game.

After that, you’ll be making adjustments to sliders so that the appropriate quantity of time can be spent in various areas.

It will take some effort to know the right thing to do regarding these sliders and decide on various genres and topics for the games.

We’ll examine which genres go well with specific areas, and before knowing that, you must be aware of the nitty-gritty tips and tricks to develop games generally.

For instance, you can use the Best Game Dev Tycoon Combos to increase the effectiveness of the game’s sales.

Game Dev Tycoon WIKI

Game Dev Tycoon Wiki content rating is 3+.

This app is listed in the Tools category of the app store Game Dev Tycoon Wiki can be downloaded and installed on Android devices that support 16 APIs or over.

You can download the application using your preferred browser and then select Install to download the application.

Note that we offer the original and authentic apk and have a speedier download than Game Dev Tycoon Wiki apk mirrors.

Game Dev Tycoon Mods

If you’re looking to be a gaming boss or leader of a team of developers in a ragtag group, Game Dev Tycoon has many things to provide.

Of course, no simulation game has everything, and that’s where modders step in.

Steam Workshop has over 800 fan-created downloads that are available for download in the game.

Here are the most popular Game Dev Tycoon Mods available if you’re looking for a way to make your gaming more exciting or decorate your office space.

Game Dev Tycoon Percentager Slider Mods

Everyone prefers data that is visually appealing and easy to understand. Supercourgette’s Percentage slider mod displays depending on time allocation.

This is a beautiful mod if you’re spending too much time figuring out where your finances and concentration are going and how much of it you’re consuming.

The bars are simple to read and understand, providing a far more precise picture of your company’s facts. You can see it in real-time if you devote too much time to one job.

Game Dev Tycoon Achievement Guide

Read the part about achievements first if you want to get all the achievements.

It took me a while to figure out what aspects were essential with which genres the first time I played the game.

The following guide will cover all aspects of Game Dev Tycoon Achievements.

What is the fastest way to make money in game dev tycoon?

  • Making money will become much more manageable as your fan following expands.
  • When exhibiting your game at the expo, purchase the smallest booth feasible till you have at least 5m in the bank.
  • Slowly allocate research dollars to new technologies. When you’ve collected a considerable number of these, please spend some time developing a new engine. (but don’t do it too frequently, or you’ll become bankrupt quickly because it takes a long time to make one).
  • Constantly create new games with different combinations and research new topics as soon as you release one.
  • When it comes to investing in staff, be exceedingly cautious. Hire a new employee only when you have $5 million in the bank. Then, spend 2m looking for them.
  • Until you reach the third office, you can only make little games. I never utilised a publisher while working in the second office.
  • These suggestions were quite helpful to me! The fundamental concept is to create mini-games with new topics constantly and to grow your firm in a very cautious manner. Please let me know how these work out for you! I’m also eager to add new ones to this list.

How do you get 10 in Game Dev Tycoon? – Video Answer


How do you get 11 in Game Dev Tycoon?

You should have an excellent team. Use your boosts at the appropriate times. Create a sequel to a highly successful game (10 ratings) to enhance your chances of receiving an 11/10.

Does Game Dev Tycoon have an ending?

The story ends after 25/30/35 years, depending on the setting. The game itself is limitless.

Is there a Game Dev Tycoon 2?

In Game Tycoon 2, you are thrust into the middle of the major players. Participate in the action and discover the allure of game production. Meet your objective and become the Game Tycoon!

How many fans do you need to self publish a large game?

Around 140k fans are required to unlock large games

How do you make AAA games in Game Dev Tycoon?

AAA is unlocked by completing either five tens on a large game or four tens and one 11 on a large game. After it is unlocked, the R&D lab can research it.

How do you get a good start in Game Dev Tycoon?

  • Before You Begin – Understand The Gaming Systems.
  • Check Out All The Events.
  • Variety Is Important.
  • Try To Stay Afloat.
  • Hold Off On Casual Games.
  • Think About The Gamers.
  • Don’t Forget To Research.

Can you play Game Dev Tycoon offline?

No, you can’t play the game offline.

Does Game Dev Tycoon have cheats?

They do not have cheat codes or developer codes. I do not recommend using save game editors since they were created for earlier versions of Game Dev Tycoon.

What do the percentages mean in Game Dev Tycoon?

You can use the percentage to determine the value of your new sidebar features. AI features without AI design points will be ineffective.

How do you unlock 3D graphics in game dev tycoon?

You will have access to the next level for 3D graphics if you reach level 3 using the 3D LVL 1 (which appears in the list when you finish a game).

How do you get the R&D lab in Game Dev Tycoon?

You will have access to the next level for 3D graphics if you reach level 3 using the 3D LVL 1 (which appears in the list when you finish a game).

What is pirate mode game dev tycoon?

The simulator for game development Game Dev Tycoon now includes a highly challenging “Pirate Mode” in which your software is pirated. This advanced option will limit sales on all of your games, simulating the real-world piracy problem.

When can you self publish medium Games Game Dev Tycoon?

  • Take publisher contracts for Medium games until you have 100K fans.
  • Then self-publish Medium (with valid promotion, see below) until you unlock Largely.
  • Then self-publish Large if you have 400K followers; otherwise, take contracts for Large until you do, then self-publish Large.