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Game Dev Tycoon lets you relive gaming history as if you were there. In this management simulation, you start a video game company in the 1980s. Game Dev Tycoon enables you to become a corporate gaming overlord or a leader of ragtag developers. Modders are needed because no simulation game has everything.

How to find Game Dev Tycoon Mods ?

The Greenheart Games Forums have a good list [].

Those that say ‘Released’ are in excellent condition. Use them without fear.

How to install Game Dev Tycoon Mods?

It is straightforward and will take 5 minutes at the top. So to do this, go to Greenheart Games Forums and select a mod. For this example, we will choose the Cheat Mod developed by kristof1104.

  • Step 1: Open Game Dev Tycoon.
  • Step 2: Click the Menu icon in the bottom left corner or press ESC.
  • Step 3: Click on the Mods button.
  • Step 4: You will see a list of all the mods you have installed. Activate the ones you want (blue if they are on).
  • Step 5: Restart the game.
  • Step 6: Enjoy your modded Game Dev Tycoon!

As soon as you’ve done this, you’ll need to launch Game Dev Tycoon, press ESC, go to Mods, click CheatMod By Kristof1104, and restart the game.

Best Game Dev Tycoon Mods

Over The Skyline

game dev tycoon Over The Skyline mode game dev tycoon Over The Skyline mode 1 game dev tycoon Over The Skyline mode 2

TajemnikTV had gotten the most out of the base game and wanted more GDT.

Over The Skyline lets, you create DLCs for released games in addition to adding new topics, events, and research items. Cool, huh?

What does this mod actually do?

– Create DLC for Your games!
– New topics (+75)
– New events (+10)
|| = Let’s make a movie
|| = Wanna buy a vacuum cleaner?
|| = And more…
– New researches (+30)

Mod is compatible with TAG Mod

GDT Tech: StoryQuests

Game devtycoon GDT Tech StoryQuests mode

GDT Tech: StoryQuests now adds ten new technologies that can be researched in-game, improving how you approach the Story/Quests category in future games.

  • Deep Story
  • Quest Tree
  • and 8 more!

You’ll learn how to incorporate multiple endings, improved story arcs, quest trees, complex quests, and much more.

With these in your arsenal, you’ll undoubtedly be on to something revolutionary.

More Techs coming soon for dialogs, graphic, sound, AI, gameplay, world design and level design!

Xtra Topics

Game Dev Tycoon Xtra Topics mode

While the main game has loads to do, many fans desire more.

Xtra Topics is a wonderful location to start modding for additional content.

The patch includes 80 additional topics, including physics, fishing, God, and more.

If the mod turns red, you must install UltimateLib, the GDT mod library. Easy. Follow the instructions above for Workshop and UltimateLib. You can checkout this mode.

Consoles The Early Years

Consoles The Early Years - Game Dev Tycoon mode

If you want to go even further, check Consoles: The Early Years.

The patch adds 15 additional game platforms based on ancient consoles like the Nintendo Famicom and Sega Genesis.


VacationTime mode - Game Dev Tycoon

You don’t want your hard-working developers to burn out.

Vacationtime adds a new game element where your team must take time off to avoid being overworked.

To maintain everyone in good shape, watch for fatigued employees and send them on vacation.

Steam Cube by Gamingthrou

Steam Cube mode by Gamingthrou - Game dev tycoon

Steam attempted to disrupt the industry in 2015 with the release of their Steam Machines, which were essentially prebuilt gaming systems designed to run Steam games.

The platform was a failure.

Whatever the reason, you can still have them in Gave Dev Tycoon!

Steam Cube by Gamingthrou allows you to do just that, adding three new events to the game and the Steam Machines to make it a little more interesting. You can check this mode.


Game Dev Tycoon TAG Mod

One more well-liked Game, Dev Tycoon TAG Mod. But to alter your gameplay, you need a special strategy.

The mod firstly totally redesigns the user interface. Your game now has a brand-new aesthetic.

Additionally, it creates room for the features that the mod has added, giving you more things to consider while you manage your development studio. You can check this mode.

You will quickly access relevant information like your game development history, the most recent genre, and training specifics. This mod also incorporates the VacationTime mod, giving you access to staff energy levels.

Finance Mod 2.0

Finance mod 2.0 - Game Dev Tycoon

Number crunching is a vital component of running a video game company. You can check this mode.

You want to make the best games for your customers while keeping a strong solvent.

The Finance Mod by Mabb shows financial data in easy-to-digest graphs and charts.

Overall, have this handy to make sure you’re 100%.

Learn By Doing

Learn By Doing mode - Game Dev Tycoon

In this game, technology is only half the equation; you’ll need capable team members to man each of your stations. Check this mode

This is especially important in the gaming industry, where you need people who can keep up with the competition.

While Skill Training is already available in vanilla, Learn By Doing allows your developers to improve their skills more hands-only.

The mod allows your staff to earn skill points by producing bubbles and completing contracts, among other game activities.

Insta Review

Insta Review mode - Game Dev Tycoon

Your company’s main business is making and selling games. But how consumers react to it may be just as important as the details you include. Check this mode

With a new game coming out soon, you’ll want to keep up with reviews to see how well your game is on the market.

This feature is part of the base game. But you might die of waiting because it takes so long to find out what the reviewers thought.

Insta Review gets around that by showing all the results at once. You won’t have to wait so long anymore.

It may not seem like much, but it’s a great little mod to improve the quality of life.

Custom Computer


Custom Computer mode - Game Dev Tycoon

Your developers will require the most up-to-date tools to create the best games.

Eventually, you will have to make this fundamental investment. And what better way to accomplish that than customising your computer systems entirely?

Custom Computer is a mod that allows you to design your PC from the ground up, giving you access to various CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and other components. Check this mod 

Staff Gain Experience From Games

Staff Gain Experience From Games - game dev tycoon mode

As I previously stated, staying on top of new trends and technologies is an important part of surviving in the gaming industry, and Game Dev Tycoon does a good job of this.

Sometimes, some of your employees cannot keep up and may even lose value as their careers progress.

Check this mod

This will not be good for you, having to train replacements and rebuild your team from scratch.

Staff Gain Experience From Games is a simple mod that helps your developers improve as they work.

Employees now earn tech and design points for working on the game based on various factors, such as the part of the game they worked on, the amount of work they put in, and the size of the game.

Hit games changes market share

Hit games changes market share - Game Dev Tycoon mod

Exclusives have been increasingly common in recent gaming history.

This may have produced a schism in the community and enraged many fans because their preferred system may not receive the new game that everyone wants to play.

You’ll have greater power over which platform becomes more popular because you’re now directly in charge of producing the games.

Check this mod

You’ll be able to directly impact a console’s market share with this mod, depending on which ones you make successful games for.

Expansion Pack Mod

Expansion Pack Mod - Game Dev Tycoon

Regarding larger expansion packs, They have DzjengisKhan’s Expansion Pack Mod.

The mod integrates many existing additional content mods, offering you some of the best add-ons available. Everything is in one place!

The mod adds 80 new topics, 11 new platforms, eight new events, and 22 new research possibilities, among other minor changes that make replaying the game for the billionth time even more enjoyable.

Percentager – Feature Focus Percentages

Percentager - Feature Focus Percentages mod - Game Dev Tycoon

You’ll quickly discover that creating video games from the ground up is not an easy undertaking.

You’ll need separate teams working on different game components, all while ensuring that everyone is working toward the same goal.

These things can rapidly become a mess you don’t want to unravel.

The percentage can assist in this regard.

Check this mod.

When you install the mod, you’ll see simple time allocation bars and percentages for each work in the development stages. This makes it easier to see and evaluate which game portions receive the most attention.

Game Dev Tycoon Guide

You can check the “To Dos” and “Don’t Dos” for Game Dev Tycoon. If you follow the advice in this Game Dev Tycoon Guide, you should have a seamless time playing Game Dev Tycoon. Check out complete Game Dev Tycoon Guide.

Observation: This Game Dev Tycoon Guide is compatible with all platforms. There are other versions for Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

Game Dev Tycoon Best Combos

Like many other games, games are made more accessible within the game. It’s all about choosing various genres and topics when creating your game.

After that, you’ll be making adjustments to sliders so that the appropriate quantity of time can be spent in various areas.

It will take some effort to know the right thing to do regarding these sliders and decide on various genres and topics for the games.

We’ll examine which genres go well with specific areas, and before knowing that, you must be aware of the nitty-gritty tips and tricks to develop games generally.

For instance, you can use the Best Game Dev Tycoon Combos to increase the effectiveness of the game’s sales.

Game Dev Tycoon Achievement Guide

Read the part about achievements first if you want to get all the achievements.

It took me a while to figure out what aspects were essential with which genres the first time I played the game.

The following guide will cover all aspects of Game Dev Tycoon Achievements.


How do you get 11 in Game Dev Tycoon?

You should have an excellent team. Use your boosts at the appropriate times. Create a sequel to a highly successful game (10 ratings) to enhance your chances of receiving an 11/10.

Does Game Dev Tycoon have an ending?

The story ends after 25/30/35 years, depending on the setting. The game itself is limitless.

Is there a Game Dev Tycoon 2?

In Game Tycoon 2, you are thrust into the middle of the major players. Participate in the action and discover the allure of game production. Meet your objective and become the Game Tycoon!

How many fans do you need to self publish a large game?

Around 140k fans are required to unlock large games

How do you make AAA games in Game Dev Tycoon?

AAA is unlocked by completing either five tens on a large game or four tens and one 11 on a large game. After it is unlocked, the R&D lab can research it.

How do you get a good start in Game Dev Tycoon?

  • Before You Begin – Understand The Gaming Systems.
  • Check Out All The Events.
  • Variety Is Important.
  • Try To Stay Afloat.
  • Hold Off On Casual Games.
  • Think About The Gamers.
  • Don’t Forget To Research.

Can you play Game Dev Tycoon offline?

No, you can’t play the game offline.

Does Game Dev Tycoon have cheats?

They do not have cheat codes or developer codes. I do not recommend using save game editors since they were created for earlier versions of Game Dev Tycoon.

What do the percentages mean in Game Dev Tycoon?

You can use the percentage to determine the value of your new sidebar features. AI features without AI design points will be ineffective.

How do you unlock 3D graphics in game dev tycoon?

You will have access to the next level for 3D graphics if you reach level 3 using the 3D LVL 1 (which appears in the list when you finish a game).

How do you get the R&D lab in Game Dev Tycoon?

You will have access to the next level for 3D graphics if you reach level 3 using the 3D LVL 1 (which appears in the list when you finish a game).

What is pirate mode game dev tycoon?

The simulator for game development Game Dev Tycoon now includes a highly challenging “Pirate Mode” in which your software is pirated. This advanced option will limit sales on all of your games, simulating the real-world piracy problem.

When can you self publish medium Games Game Dev Tycoon?

  • Take publisher contracts for Medium games until you have 100K fans.
  • Then self-publish Medium (with valid promotion, see below) until you unlock Largely.
  • Then self-publish Large if you have 400K followers; otherwise, take contracts for Large until you do, then self-publish Large.

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